Shenzhen Newbridge Communication equipment co., LTD. founded in 2004. We has been committed to the development, production and sales of HDcctv and network transmission equipment. Because of the dream, so the company is here, in the difficult times, the boss always adhere to the original dream, walk in the technology-oriented, quality-first, constantly explore, adhere to the creation, pragmatic way forward.Both in the field of optical fiber transmission and in the field of audio and video have achieved gratifying results, with the development of the company's technical team is gradually mature and stable, customization has become our current normal.Our products and service objects are mainly concentrated in switches, optical fiber transceivers and HDMI/3G/ HD-SDI audio and video transmission solutions. In the future, we will always adhere to the following principles:"Technology for this, the quality first, adhere to create, and pragmatic" as the principle for global sales, service, technical support, the work with more cost-effective products, real help all over the world think in these areas in the development of individuals and companies to complete the dream, for the whole world of connectivity, security to the best of our own strength.