the application of Newbridge industrial Exchange in the worl

 News & Events     |      2019-10-16 17:58
Every winter, people have become accustomed to living in the freezing temperatures of minus 40 degrees, while switches are not as adaptable as humans. Generally speaking, the switch has its working temperature range. The normal working temperature of the ordinary switch is between 0 and 45 degrees. Once the temperature is too low, the equipment components will not work properly. First, it is easy to reduce the battery capacity. Second, it is easy to work in low temperature environment. The change of component temperature will lead to greater temperature impact on device materials. At the same time, it will cause changes in electrical characteristics of devices or circuits, resulting in abnormal electrical stress. Therefore, in the extreme cold environment of minus 40 degrees, the ordinary switch may not be able to power directly, even if the power is on, it will only work for a few minutes and then shut down or components are damaged to the point that it can not work properly.
Newbridge Industrial Switch is a convergence gateway specially designed for the application of Internet of Things in the industrial field. With its strong quality, multi-service convergence, security encryption and simple operation and maintenance, Xinqiao Industrial Switch satisfies the needs of Oilfield Industrial Network Construction well. In addition, the application of Newbridge ndustrial Exchange in the world covers many application scenarios, such as extreme cold and extreme heat, and has rich practical experience.