Warmly celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding

 News & Events     |      2019-09-29 14:57
When the five-star red flag flutters at the door of every shop and every street, I am tearful... I feel the infinite happiness and tranquility at this moment. As a Chinese, how blessed I am.
Looking at the joy of sending the children to the kindergarten grandparents, fathers and mothers, watching the children’s face filled with innocence and happiness, watching the faces of people carrying large and small, more or less rich dishes The peace and serenity, watching the mothers push the baby carriage together, talking and laughing, looking at the shops, a variety of goods, ready to take out the phone, drop the money to get the money to get what you want People's comfortable smile... I am standing in the crowd, my eyes are looking up at the blue sky, my ears are listening to the laughter and voice of the people around me, the whole body is shaking, tears falling, how happy is this. Life, thanks to our motherland - the People's Republic of China,
Under your blessing, our life is so stable and stable,
Under your blessing, we live so richly and calmly,
Under your blessing, we have become the darling of the world,
Under your blessing, we boldly go abroad to show our world the most cost-effective products.