Network video solutions for transportation

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New possibilities in transportation environments

Many authorities and companies have already discovered the benefits of Newbridge’ unique transportation offering. It brings them crystal clear images, both in real-time and recordings. It makes it possible for any authorized person to access relevant information from anywhere, at any time. It allows for automatic incident alerts and alarms. And it creates a cost-efficient, flexible and future-proof video surveillance platform.

Newbridge is the world leader in IP video, helping its transportation customers to:

  • Create a safer transportation environment
  • Reduce costs for vandalism and graffiti
  • Efficiently monitor cargo and property
  • Reduce incident response times

Quickly decide the correct incident response

With experience from multiple large transportation projects all over the world, Newbridge enables you to stay one step ahead within:

  • Public transport
  • Aviation
  • Maritime
  • Traffic
  • Cargo