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We have many successful cases, and client companies can be classified as Airports / Railway Station, Highway / Intelligent Transport System (ITS), Government / Education, City Public Security Surveillance, Industrial / Commercial, and so on.


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Liuzhou Public Security Bureau
Hebei Province Public Security Bureau
Hunan Zhangjiajie Scenic Area
Hebei Netcom
Nanning, a middle school
Shenzhen Nanshan Party School
Guilin Institute of certain forces
Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps
An oil field in Daqing
Shandong Netcom
Shanxi Branch of China Telecom
Xichang Satellite Launch Center
Shenzhen Yantian Port
Qingdao, a large district
Shanxi coal mine
Daqing People's Stadium
Handan City, a county government monitoring
Hohhot Airport
Detention center in Kunming, Yunnan
Qinghai Xining army
Qinghai part of the city
Some cities in Hubei
Baotou several Industrial Park
Xiamen / lions / Putian City
Anshan part of the heavy industrial plant
Guizhou certain government
A power system in Liaoning
Yichun First School